VDR Training

We believe that Technical Training is a continuous process which partly happens in the field, but also needs to be facilitated by a certified instructor.

It’s not without a reason that technicians and engineers are legally required to obtain a certificate to work on certain pieces of equipment. We make sure the necessary equipment is available in our classrooms so that every training is a combination of both theory and practice.

Our instructors not only keep a close eye on product- and software updates but also include the latest regulations in their trainings. This type of training is only for JRC Brasil certified partners.


Our intention with this support, is to capacitate our own technicians, as well as our partners that are inserted in our service network accross Brasil and South America, so perform installations, maintenance and annual surveys in our JRC models that are still on the market. We will make sure that each and every one of them or following the quality levels required by JRC.

The training is a mix between theory and practive, with the suitable evaluations. Challenges will be imposed by the instructor, simulating real on board situations, so that the results are analyzed by the instructor.

An accurate and qualified analysis, comforts the client, and withstands the name of a brand.

ATTENTION: In order to perform annual surveys in JRC VDRs, this training is vital. The line-up of the VDR models available in our Training facility in Rio de Janeiro, are as follows:


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