ECDIS TS Training (NKK)

We believe that Technical Training is a continuous process which partly happens in the field, but also needs to be facilitated by a certified instructor.

It’s not without a reason that technicians and engineers are legally required to obtain a certificate to work on certain pieces of equipment. We make sure the necessary equipment is available in our classrooms so that every training is a combination of both theory and practice.

Our instructors not only keep a close eye on product- and software updates but also include the latest regulations in their trainings. This type of training is only for JRC Brasil certified partners.


Our intention with this support, is to capacitate the clients that have our ECDIS system on board their vessels, so that they can have full knowledge about the equipment, and be able to extract what it has best, the technology.

Our ECDIS Training Center is certified by NKK Class as MET – Maritime Education Training. The quality of our teaching has been audited and approved to instruct about: Installation, Maintenance and Usage. This training can also be performed on board, in case the client requests.

The model line-ups that we have available in our Training Centers in Rio de Janeiro and Santos, are as follows:


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Praia do Flamengo 154, Flamengo - Rio de Janeiro