Annual Radio Survey

Our certified team of surveyors can provide an approved full radio survey on board your vessel. For any possible manufacturer we can provide these on behalf of all the main classification societies.

VDR Annual Survey (APT)

Whenever you need assistance, one of our qualified and well-experienced technicians is available to attend your vessel straight away, and perform your annual VDR survey. They have been thoroughly trained to serve you well.

Gyrocompass Annual Overhaul

On vessels, gyrocompasses are vital during operation, reason why JRC Brasil provides a constant technical support from well-experienced and knowledgeable technicians, ensuring equipment are always up to date.

Service & Maintenance Contracts

We want to make sure that regardless of where your vessel stops, he will have all the needed parts, and technical support. Planning all steps, on beforehand, is the wisest decision to make. Check our different Contract options for you.

Shore Based Maintenance (SBM) Certificates

JRC Brasil is, knowingly, capable of providing assistance to all represented products, and in all ports of Latin America. Due to this, we feel comfortable in supplying SBM Certificates to be kept on board. See what IMO Resolution A.702(17) requires.

Commissioning & Service Support

When it comes to Commissioning & Service support, JRC Brasil is a multi-brand provider. With trained personnel, we cover the supply and service of complete packages of equipment that go from Navigation, all the way over to Steering Control Systems.

Equipment Repair

There are cases where a simple repair can bring a great equipment back to operation, with a considerable reduction of cost. JRC Brasil can assist you with equipment repair, performed at our own lab/workshop. 

Spare Parts

Our spare parts department is here to help you at all times, organising the quick delivery of parts you need, wherever you are. We use know-how dedication, and efficient logistics to ensure that our spare parts are available whenever you require them on board.