JRC introduces latest MFD line up

Tokyo, Japan, 4 November 2014 – JRC announces the introduction of the latest, all-new Multi Function Display (MFD) line. With an intuitive design utilizing the latest available technology the MFD complies with the new IMO regulations.

The MFD operating system can simply be used as a basic unit for radar, ECDIS or conning or can be extended with the most demanding applications. From standalone models with 19 or 26-inch displays to black box configurations with JRC’s original QWERTY keyboard complete with all the interfacing necessary.

Packed with powerful components the MFD offers smooth graphics, fast processing and all-round serious performance based on the latest technologies for the most demanding and complex operations. Replacing the Tornado™ processor JRC sold many tens of thousands, the new Blizzard™ processor offers razor sharp radar pictures, which even in HD resolution are shown without delay contributing to optimal safety on board.

Continuing the philosophy that has made JRC radar and ECDIS a proven choice, the new models have been designed with a significant amount of user input gathered over years of intensive operation. This provides for a diverse and flexible system suitable for various markets and vessel types, making navigation dramatically more interactive and intimate than ever before.

“Immediately noticeable is the completely redesigned user interface with a purpose to create an experience that lives up to the JRC standard of excellence,” said Jun Nakazawa, General Manager of JRC. “With optional full Multi Function Display capability, the new IMO approved radar and ECDIS will also be a key component of JRC’s Integrated Bridge Systems and the 36-inch or 46-inch AlphaPremiumBridge series together with Alphatron Marine.”

With just a few clicks, operations such as route planning, acquiring targets, switching between the systems or show alarm information are easily available. Navigators will know how to use the new MFD the first time they see it because the hardware and software are designed to work together, seamlessly and intelligently.

JRC is a world leading marine electronics producer specializing in the design and manufacture of industry compliant products. Alphatron Marine is a world renowned supplier of integrated bridge solutions and manufacturer of unique complementary products to the JRC portfolio. With the full support of Centers of Excellence in Tokyo, Rotterdam, Singapore and Houston, the combined synergies bring quality and innovation to owners, operators and shipyards, redefining the future of ocean navigation.