Inmarsat A service termination at 31st December 20072020-01-22T13:34:27-03:00

Inmarsat A service termination at 31st December 2007

This document describes the Inmarsat-A Service Termination information. Inmarsat has already announced that Inmarsat-A service terminate at 23:59 31st December 2007 for All Ocean Region. When the Inmarsat-A service terminates, the TDM carrier from NCS will terminate completely such as the receiving level will be reduced to 0. Model type JUE-5A, JUE-15, JUE-15AM2, JUE-15AM3 JUE-35A, JUE-35A C2, JUE-35B, JUE-35BC2 JUE-45A, JUE-45A C2, JUE-45AM2, JUE-45AM2 C2 JUE-45T, JUE-45T C2 JUE-45M ...

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Notice of use of imitation batteries in JRC marine products

To all of our valued customers: it has been confirmed that imitation batteries for our marine electronics equipment (VDR, SART, etc.) are being sold through various internet websites. The JRC trademark and logo are being used without our permission and these imitation products are being sold through non-JRC authorized dealers or agents. JRC cannot guarantee that the imitation batteries conform to the strict quality standards of our company. Therefore, there is a possibility that use of the im...

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GPS week number rollover

To JRC Global Positioning System (GPS) users: We would like to announce that GPS week number rollover is to occur on some of our GPS' on 17 August 2014. The week number counter in GPS resets once every 1023 weeks, which is approximately 19.6 years. The week number counters for the GPS in the discontinued models below started their week count from the 1st January 1995. It is on the 17th August 2014 at 0:00 AM (UTC) that the week number counters rollover will occur. The subject models are desig...

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New VDR price

Rotterdam, The Netherlands, 28 September 2018 – Our latest and fourth generation JCY-1900 comes now in a better price in order to be more competitive in the market. For many ship owners, it is now the time to retrofit their old VDRs and move to a stable and sustainable solution which surely in the...

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